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Life without colour is like love without passion

Interior Styling Ethos

I’m Vanessa Williams Interior Stylist, Events Stylist and Interior Consultant. Let me tell you a bit about myself and my decorating and interior styling ethos. I believe that life is to be lived to the fullest and therefore our surroundings should reflect that … the world is far too soulless and grey in my eyes so therefore my mission is to make it more beautiful and exciting with layers of colour, texture and pattern. My design philosophy is that “life without colour is like love without passion”.

My Passion

I have worked as a Senior Design Director in the Fashion industry for nearly three decades but my one true love and passion is interior design and renovating. My homes have been featured in both Australian and International interior magazines and have captured people’s attention worldwide with their confident mix of colour and pattern and bold statement making style.

Fashion for the Home

Fashion and flair whether be it how you dress or in the home go hand in hand as it’s all about expressing your personal style. My background in fashion and my love of interiors has evolved into a natural transition into the world of interior styling. Let’s face it whether it be fabulous bedding, exotic wallpaper or simply textured cushions for the couch, it’s all what I categorise as ‘fashion for the home’.

I’m a bowerbird by nature

I’m a bowerbird by nature with a huge eclectic mix of belongings and a taste for many different genres and have filled two homes with pieces that are as varied as mid century modern through to exotic boho and everything else in between. My years of hunting and gathering has deeply influenced my decorating style and taught me the art of curating and blending a diverse array of collectables and artworks into a delicious interior design cocktail. I’m an advocate for mixing styles and genres together to give the home a vibrant and energetic landscape rather than create a plain, flat monotone space as I aim to excite the senses and stir the emotions with my styling.

I believe your home should have a voice

I feel a home should reflect your interests, your travels and most of all who you are. Don’t hide your life in a cupboard simply because it isn’t this years trend that you saw in a magazine, be proud or your journey and weave your story into your home with the things that surround you. In my mind it’s not about finding or building a dream home, it’s about creating one. There are no rules to decorating just as there are no rules to fashion, what a boring world it would be if that were the case and the end result would be that we all live in the same cookie cutter home. My mantra is allow your home to have a voice and let it tell the world who you are.

Surprise is a key element in decorating

Personally, I like to start with a home having classic bold lines and a single colour thread this gives you a clean and seamless foundation to add pops of colour and to display all of your favourite pieces and let them sing together the one song. Surprise is to me a key element in my decorating style, always be a bit daring, challenge the norm and pair the unexpected.


My mission is make the world a more gorgeous and visually exciting place to live in, remember no one ever got hurt from an explosion of colour. If you like my vibe and my take on interiors why don’t you get in touch for a chat or contact me to style a shoot or consult on your home.

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